The ongoing COVID-19 outbreak presents unprecedented challenges in decentralized diagnostics and patient monitoring.

Sandstone’s Torq Zero Delay Centrifuge technology is readily available to support response activities by enabling remote blood sample collection and stabilization in non-hospital and in-home settings. Torq is well-suited for mobile phlebotomists, emergency healthcare professionals, first responders, and even patient self-collection.

Applications include:

  • Quantitative SARS-Cov2 serology testing
  • In-home and point-of-care patient monitoring
  • Virtual clinical trial monitoring

Download our COVID-19 Applications white paper to learn more.

Sandstone has joined with the StartX COVID-19 Task Force, Startup Health COVID-19 Health Transformers, and other partners to tackle the urgent challenges facing our healthcare system and global societies.

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Torq Microvolume Rotor