Sandstone Diagnostics Announces First Pilot Study for Zero Delay™ Plasma System

The portable CentriFluidic™ devices will be used by clinical trial management provider Hawthorne Effect to collect plasma samples during in-home patient visits.

Sandstone Diagnostics proudly announces the first pilot study for its new Zero Delay™ Plasma Separation System – a CentriFluidic™ device that provides immediate blood plasma isolation at the point of draw for plasma-based testing. The system comprises a handheld, battery-powered centrifuge and specially-designed discs that collect blood and spin for a few minutes to hermetically isolate plasma from blood cells and other contaminants.

Hawthorne Effect – a Bay Area based company that is re-defining clinical trial visits by enabling patients to access and participate in clinical trials anywhere, anytime – will use the Zero Delay System to collect plasma during in-home patient visits. Hawthorne Effect’s HERO network conducts study visits where patients live or work, scheduled at the patient’s preference.

“We’re very excited to be evaluating the Zero Delay System with our HERO study visits,” said Jodi Akin, Hawthorne Effect Founder and CEO. “We support many clinical trials which require pure plasma extraction for accurate biomarker measurement, but plasma collection and processing presents logistical challenges for mobile visits. Elegant, portable devices like the Zero Delay System could be a game changer in our ability to provide convenient and comfortable follow up for clinical trial patients.”

The majority of today’s blood tests use plasma, but sample quality is often compromised due to delays in shipping blood tubes to centralized labs for centrifugation and processing. The Zero Delay System aims to remove this bottleneck by immediately separating pure, cell-free plasma at the point of blood draw.

“This pilot is a major milestone for Sandstone as we seek to improve the way blood is collected and processed,” said Karen Drexler, Sandstone CEO. “We’ve shown that samples processed with our devices have 10-100X better purity and stability than existing methods, and we’re thrilled to now be working with Hawthorne Effect to demonstrate its advantages for remote patient testing.”

Sandstone and Hawthorne Effect are both supported by Astia – a global organization that levels the investment playing field for entrepreneurial teams with women leaders. Both companies will be presenting at the Astia Angels Annual Meeting and Portfolio Gathering, beginning February 7 in San Francisco.

“Seeing these two incredible portfolio companies partnering is a proud moment for us,” said Sharon Vosmek, CEO of Astia. “Not only does it showcase the impact these companies are making in the healthcare space, but it also reaffirms why we continue to support and invest in businesses with women leaders.”

About Sandstone Diagnostics
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About Hawthorne Effect
Founded in 2015, Hawthorne Effect is a technology-enabled service platform addressing clinical trial challenges of patient accessibility, timely enrollment and the delivery of comprehensive high-quality data. Hawthorne Effect’s mission is to make clinical trials accessible to everyone, everywhere. Learn more at

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