Stabilize Capillary Plasma and Serum Remotely in Minutes

Introducing the Torq Microvolume Rotor – a NEW remote blood sampling tool enabling broad diagnostic testing anywhere, anytime.

Fast, simple, and amazingly portable.

Torq Microvolume Rotor

See how the Torq Microvolume Rotor provides high quality, stable liquid samples without phlebotomy.

  • Pocket-size, weighs less than 1 lb
  • Powered by 2 AA batteries
  • Collection via finger stick or other microsampling device 
  • Self-balanced, requires no manual adjustments

  • Automated spin settings
  • Compatible with BD Microtainers® and other capillary tubes
  • Plasma and serum options
  • Class I, 510(k)-exempt

How it Works

Torq Microvolume Rotor How it Works


Clinical Trial Monitoring

Collect liquid capillary plasma or serum from remote locations such as patients' homes, pop-up clinics, and mobile recruitment sites to dramatically improve virtual trial monitoring.

Patient-Centric Diagnostics

Decentralized diagnostics can now go beyond the analytical limitations of dried blood spot and similar adsorptive microsampling methods by ensuring high quality, liquid plasma and serum samples reliably transported to labs.

Global Health

Clinical testing and monitoring in under-resourced countries is severely hampered by lack of access to proper laboratory tools. The Torq Microvolume Rotor enables global health practitioners to collect and analyze blood samples anywhere in the world.

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