High Quality Point-of-Care Sample Prep

Learn how Sandstone’s Torq technology ensures clean, liquid plasma or serum in minutes at home or the point-of-care.

Torq ZDrive and ZDisc

Reimagining Centrifugation

Our innovative, proprietary products rapidly separate blood cells from liquid plasma at the point of collection to maximize sample quality and stability. 

  • Rapid and portable. Powered by 2 AA batteries.
  • Powerful. G-forces exceeding 2,000xg.
  • Versatile. Capillary and venous blood draw configurations to meet any remote collection need. 
  • Simple to use. Self-balanced, no manual adjustments or maintenance required.

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How it Works

Torq ZDisc how it works


Clinical Trial Monitoring

The Torq ZDisc empowers mobile phlebotomists and healthcare workers to draw and stabilize bloods samples in remote locations such as patients' homes, pop-up clinics, and mobile recruitment sites. Expand your diagnostic monitoring options and streamline your clinical trials with Torq's remote solutions.

Patient-Centric Diagnostics

Torq improves patients' access to lab testing by removing the need to physically visit labs or draw centers. With Torq, patients can get tested anywhere, anytime.

Cell-Free DNA and Liquid Biopsy Testing

Cellular degradation from sample transit can interfere with many high-sensitivity cell-free DNA and liquid biopsy assays. With Torq, samples are spun immediately to remove cellular contaminations and preserve the pure, in vivo state of the plasma sample.

Point-of-Care Testing

Many POC tests are incompatible with whole blood. Implementing Torq separations on the front-end expand the types and quality of tests that can be conducted at the point-of-care. 

Military and Field Applications

With its small size and low-power requirements, the Torq System enables new medical capabilities in the most challenging and austere environments for the military, first responders, and for emergency preparedness.

Global Health

Clinical testing and monitoring in under-resourced countries is severely hampered by lack of access to proper laboratory tools. Torq enables global health practitioners to collect and analyze blood samples anywhere in the world.

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