Fertility is not just a female issue.


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A new approach to male fertility testing & improvement.

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Male Reproductive Health is in Crisis.

of couples are infertile.

of infertility issues are attributed to men.

decline in average sperm count since the 1970s.

Why Trak?

The most important metric for male fertility is sperm count.

Powered by CentriFluidics Technology, Trak allows men to analyze sperm count at home with a result that is more precise than a lab semen analysis. With our new Trak Volume Cup, Trak also helps diagnose hypospermia, or low semen volume.

Built with leading Urologists, Trak’s online assessment provides personalized recommendations for improving your fertility and maximizing your chances of conception. A few months of healthier living can dramatically impact sperm count  and time to conception. 

Trak is changing the fertility game for men. No trips to the clinic. No mailing in the sample. No hassle. Testing is easy, immediate, and accurate.

Take the Trak 90 Day Challenge and maximize your chances of getting pregnant.

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As a top-rated home fertility test, Trak is making a lot of noise in the medical community.

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